I had an exceptional experience being treated by Dr. Collins.  The root canal retreatment procedure was painless- I actually fell asleep during the procedure. The office is spotless and the staff are very friendly and helpful.

I am so glad my dentist referred me to Dr. Collins.  He and his staff are excellent dental health providers.  I received very good care and he saved a tooth that I was worried I might lose.

I love how Dr. Collins explains complex dental conditions in layman's terms so the patient can understand and feel safe and sound.

Excellent location, Super friendly staff, Dr. Collins has angels hands. State of the art facilities, TV Glasses with movies.... what??? awesome. Warm towel after procedure??? you guys are awesome.

A first class operation. Without the positive attitude, confidence and reassurance from Dr. Collins, I may have postponed this procedure for another 15 yrs. and continued to hide my smile. So happy and pleased with the results, not to mention the friendly environment provided by both Dr. Collins and staff.

Great patient experience.  Impressed with state of art dental/endo practice. Great explanation of what procedure was done.  Plus the view of Austin Hills was perfect!

Thank you again.

Thank you to all the staff and Dr. Collins for the wonderful care and professionalism I experienced during all my visits. I feel you listen to my concerns and do your absolute best to make the patient comfortable. Also I appreciate being informed about the cost up front and what is expected. There are no surprises. I will continue to recommend Collins Endodontics to my family and friends. Thank you again for everything!

"Consistently effective, professional and kind dental care. Very impressed."


"Exceptional service from a very gifted dentist. Maya and the dental assistant are very friendly and professional."


"Dr. Collins and his Dental Assistant are simply the best! I tell everyone I know who needs a root canal not to fear the PROCEDURE…that’s the best part! Fear the PAIN before the procedure, then go see Dr Collins…you’ll be in great hands! He’s the only dentist I know who can, not only expertly fix your teeth, but tell you how much it’ll cost while you’re sitting in the chair and, if the receptionist is gone when you leave his gorgeous/spotless office, he can look up your account to see if you owe anything. Impressive at his job (and others jobs, apparently), answers all questions in detail without your ever feeling rushed, is efficient and respectful of his patient’s time and super professional. I wish my teeth weren’t so terribly cracked and worn from grinding, but grateful Dr. Collins can help stop the resulting pain asap. Thank you very much!"


"I received expert care. Every aspect of the office and procedure was highly organized and focused on addressing my specific care. I was treated very well with respect and empathy. I was also provided with clear and detailed information in regard to the procedure. A very painful sore-tooth was taken care of quickly and effectively and I am very appreciative."


"I really appreciated the time and care Dr. Collins took with me explaining and showing me what was going on before, during and after treating the old root canal. Thank you very much. I will be telling my dentist to refer her patients to you. Also Jennifer was awesome, very helpful and friendly every time we spoke on the phone and in the office."


"I am extremely satisfied with the professionalism and kindness of Dr. Collins and his entire staff. Having been my first experience with any tooth issue in 40 years, I am more than appreciative of the level of care and service I was provided. Easily, this was the best dental experience I have had."


"Want to thank everyone for the positive experience. Feel like I was in competent hands for what to me seems like difficult work. Appreciate the explanation of the work processes for the analytical side of me. I'm happy with the outcome."


"Dr. Collins is outstanding. Great context of problem being addressed. Really appreciated the pre-procedure dialogue and 'during procedure' communication of actions being taken and any feeling that I would experience. His team is equally professional!"


"I am very impressed and satisfied with the treatment I received. I appreciate the thoroughness of the examination and x-rays. I also appreciate the respect that I was shown."


"Dr. Collins demonstrated caring, concern, and patience during his meticulous examination and explanations."


"Excellent pain and anxiety free experience from start to finish. Clear expectations set, professional manner and attention to detail before and during procedure."


"Dr. Collins provided great expectation management and kept me abreast on the procedure. I wouldn't say I necessarily enjoyed the experience, root canal, but it was dramatically better than what I imagined and has greatly improved my quality of life. Dr. Collins has done a superior job in terms of his staff and his caliber of work. Some heros wear capes, but Dr. Collins wears a lab coat."


"Dr. Collins and his staff are some of the most skilled, thorough and expeditious dental professionals I’ve encountered (and I’ve seen many!). From the warm welcome to the short wait time to the explanation of the procedure to the hi-tech movie watching experience to the careful post-op instructions and friendly farewell. They set a high standard of care towards reaching their goal of an incredibly satisfied patient. Strongly recommend! Thank you."


"Great experience...thanks for the great work."


"Excellent Endodontist and staff. First class facility! And very quiet during when drilling compared to regular dental work restoration work. I will be glad to recommend this office to any of my friends or contacts."


"I went in with the thought that this was going to be excruciating and I was a bit scared. However, once there and it was all explained to me and I was made to feel safe and procedure was not at all what I expected. I was happy leaving there and was satisfied with the doctor and staff."


"Entire experience was awesome!!"


"I really appreciate that Dr. Collins explained what procedures were going to be (or had been) done and why. I hope I'll never need another root canal (of course 🙂 ) but if needed, I'll know exactly where to call. Thank you!"


"I was very happy with my visit. I felt very much at ease through the whole procedure. Dr. Collins and his assistant were very friendly and went out of their way to make me comfortable. I loved that I was able to watch a movie through these viewing goggles while they were working on my tooth. Amber was super friendly and helpful in helping me schedule appointments and figuring out how to best use my insurance. Overall I give my visit an A+++."


"Procedure was quick and efficient. They also got me in very quick. Felt absolutely no pain with injection or procedure. Watching movie made the procedure go very quick. Dr. Jake explained the procedure and steps very well. Staff was great. Highly recommend this Endodontics specialist."


"I am most impressed with Dr. Collins and his staff. They are friendly, efficient and most kind. I appreciate Dr. Collins. He explained the process before and during the procedure In a calming and caring atmosphere. There was no pain involved and I am thankful my dentist recommended Dr. Collins."


"Everything being done was explained thoroughly, everyone in the office was very friendly, helpful and caring. For a person who does not like having her teeth worked on, it was a good experience and I would not hesitate to have another procedure."


"The entire staff was very informative, friendly and professional. I would highly recommend their office for Endo needs."


"Great service that more than made up for my long drive to get there. If I needed more work done in the future, I would be happy to return."


"I was utterly surprised at how easy and comfortable the whole process was. I watched a movie during the first part of my root canal procedure and they had saved my place in the film! For the second procedure, I was able to pick up the movie right where I left off. Amazing. The whole experience was not in the least bit difficult. I highly recommend Collins Endo!"


"The doctor took the time to explain all aspects of the procedure patiently."


"I had one root canal about 10-15 years ago and it was not a pleasant experience. Dr. Collins made this procedure as pleasant and painless as a root canal can be. The staff are all very professional and nice, and watching a movie helped distract me."


"I am feeling great with no pain, thank you so much to all of you for taking excellent care of me right from the start!"


"Thank you, so much for making me feel safe and comfortable in your chair Dr. Collins. Your whole staff made me feel very comfortable."


"Appreciated your explanation. It tells me what is going on and I expand my knowledge base. Thanks."


"I thought Dr Collins was very good, he explained everything and did a great job on my root canals. The extra touches like the movie and hot towel and his courteous assistant were very much appreciated. I would recommend him to anyone." 


"Thank you! I had a very pleasant experience for what I thought would be a terribly painful experience. Besides the uncomfortableness of a numb mouth after I experienced no real pain. I took aspirin as a preventative measure before anesthesia wore off but didn’t need any more as the day progressed."


"Dr. Jake Collins, D.D.S., M.S. saved and improved the appearance of one of my front teeth. Dr. Collins and his staff performed an excellent procedure on my front tooth and I would recommend his services to anyone needing their type of care."


"I liked that I was given a comprehensive explanation of the procedure before and during my root canal. This put me at ease."


"Excellent dental care."


"I am very glad my dentist recommended Dr. Collins and his office. I feel my root canal procedure could not have gone any better. Thanks for all y'alls help and consideration."


My experience was a most pleasant one.  Dr. Collins and staff were very friendly and professional.  I would return, and I would recommend Dr. Collins to others."


"I have had 3 root canals. The office staff and Dr. Collins are professional and kind. Most people with root canals are experiencing a high level of pain. They find a way to comfort the pain and almost make the experience pleasurable! I even got to watch a movie! Thank you."


"Was very pleased with Dr. Collins and my procedure for my two visits.  He explained what he was doing during the procedure which I appreciated.


"Maybe the most detailed and thorough explanation I've had before and during a dental procedure. It's nice to know what's going on."


"My experience was very pleasant for being in a dentist's office. I really enjoyed the distraction of the movie, however it would not even be necessary because the experience was soothing enough to put me to sleep. Hopefully, I won't need another root canal, but if so, I will go here. I will also recommend to anyone with the same problem."


Dr. Collins is very good at explaining what is going on, what his plan is, and making sure you understand and have all of your questions answered. I would recommend him to my family and friends.


"Before my initial appointment with Dr Collins, I had experienced the worst tooth pain I ever had, what I would describe as sharp intense nerve pain followed by a constant dull ache. I really didn't know what to expect since I had never had a root canal before, but I was so impressed with the professionalism of Dr. Collins, his assistant, and receptionist.  Everything progressed smoothly and seamlessly with no surprises,  I really didn't experience any measurable pain at all during my procedure.  What a pleasant surprise!  Thank you, Dr. Collins!"


"Jake and his entire staff are professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant.  He looked at an image of my old root canal and guessed the incident happened when I was 10. He nailed it, and I'm 40 now.  Very impressive.  If he was doing anything he thought I might find uncomfortable he explained his actions... otherwise, he explained them afterward when we reviewed the results.  Also, watching The Avengers the whole time in the glasses was a sweet touch.  Highly recommended."


"Dr. Collins is great! It shows that he really cares about what he is doing and for his patients."


"Many thanks for a top-notch, professional and truly painless root canal. Dr. Collins gets my highest recommendation for anyone needing endodontic work done."


"Totally impressed with the whole enchilada!"


"Great place to have this kind of procedure done.  Dr Collins was very good and great with patients."


"Awesome place! I would definitely recommend!"


"Having had root canals over the past 40 years, I was pleased that my experience was amazing!"


"Dr. Collins explained, and re-explained everything and he answered all of my questions.  He did not make me feel rushed."


"Blew me away that Dr. Collins answered a text message & scheduled an appointment when my crown fell off on a Saturday. Would definitely come back in the unfortunate scenario that I need another root canal."


"Everyone was absolutely wonderful. Dr. Collins made a root canal seem as pleasant as it could possibly be. Although I hope I never have to get another one done, I wouldn't hesitate to come back if I did! Thank you all for being so kind and accommodating, this is definitely a place that I would recommend to anyone!"


"Dr. Collins exercises a high degree of analysis; exhibits superlative precision in dental tool manipulation; incorporates state of the art techniques; continually requests patient feedback for comfort; exhibits a passion of continually fine-tuning the skills & knowledge of his profession and specializations; genuinely offers concise but thorough explanations of procedures as they are happening, as well as for patient prognosis and future plans of action; has developed an effective team environment that exhibits precise, professional communication between team members, which put his patients very much at ease; has organized & implemented very efficient office procedures, that transparently coordinate patient needs with an effectively run office operation; has selected and developed a friendly and professional team that surpasses standard expectations, not only by anticipating the unexpected to their clients' advantage, but also by providing timely reminders for the benefit of their clients' convenience."


"I love how Dr. Collins explains complex dental conditions in layman's terms so the patient can understand and feel safe and sound."


"I am so glad my dentist referred me to Dr. Collins.  He and his staff are excellent dental health providers.  I  received very good care and he saved a tooth that I was worried I might lose."


"No pain during injection. Dr Collins saved my tooth when no one else could. I fell asleep during surgery for the first time."


"I am extremely pleased with the service provided me during my visit. Everyone was friendly and polite. The office was very neat and clean. Dr. Collins was very thorough during the initial consultation. While performing the procedure, he told me each step he was taking as it was being performed. He insured, that the pain was minimized."


"Excellent explanations and visuals."


"I enjoyed Dr. Collins explanation of treatment and seeing x-rays."


"Excellent experience. Highly professional staff and Dr. Collins. Dr. Collins explained everything he was doing, I appreciated that very much. High-tech equipment superior to most in the dental field. I will definitely return to Dr. Collins and tell others about my experience."


"You never really want to see any endodontist, but if you have to, Dr. Collins is the man to see."


"Great job.  Thank you for the excellent care."


"Dr. Collins and his staff were very professional in every matter. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a root canal."


"This is the absolute best experience I have ever had with a root canal. This is the second root canal Dr. Collins has done on my teeth in the past month.  This says a lot about the fine quality of care I received, when one considers that I, One Who Fears All Dentists, would be willing to get right back in to his office to get a second root canal taken care immediately. It is with confidence that I recommend Dr. Collins to you, and especially recommend his practice to your family."


"If I have to have a root canal, this is the place to be. I am so impressed with the technology. Everything went so smoothly."


"Excellent.  Warm towel after treatment was a nice touch."


"Dr. Collins is a great doctor. He treats patient with care and dedication, his work is very thorough. He explains dental problems very well. The staff is very nice and respectful."


"I can't think of many doctors that would give out their cell phone number to call after hours if any issues arise.  Dr. Jake did, which I found impressive."


"Best Dental experience I've had ever had."


"Dr. Collins and his staff made the experience of getting my tooth fixed very pleasant. I don't think many people look forward to going to the dentist, but you made is pleasant and comfortable. Thank you!"


"You guys are AWESOME. Keep up the great work.."


"Best doctor and staff ever!"


"Painless dentistry!"


"I appreciated the following: 1) accepting Blue Cross-Blue Shield, 2) ease in getting an appointment, 3) not having to wait, 4) the open spaced office/treatment room (and windows), 5) professional staff, 6) thorough explanation of situation and treatment, 7) the movies!, 8) lack of pain throughout treatment, 9) availability of Dr. Collins once treatment was completed if there was an issue/concern. Thanks!"


"Excellent location, Super friendly staff, Dr. Collins has angels hands. State of the art facilities, TV Glasses with movies.... what??? awesome. Warm towel after  procedure??? you guys are awesome. Thank you again."


"I am very happy with the overall experience, and I will recommend Dr. Collins to my family and friends."


"Excellent customer service and treatment. I really appreciate the explanation of treatment, after care and time spent answering my questions."


"I couldn't have asked for a more professional experience.  I was really worried after my last experience with another dental practice.  Dr. Collins took the time to explain the procedure both before and after.  He was very thorough and made the entire experience a lot less stressful than I ever anticipated."


"This was a great experience. The procedure was not painful at all. The technique was interesting to see (even from my limited perspective). The tooth sensitivity went away immediately. Thank you sincerely."


"I enjoyed this experience as much as reasonably possible given the situation. I've always been a proponent for receiving specialist care for any treatment where a specialization exists. I appreciated that Dr. Collins gave me reasonable expectations for treatment and options for non treatment, while also considering my financial disposition. The entire staff is capable and kind. Thanks!"


"Over the  years, I  have had at least four and maybe as many as six root canals.  Root canals, gored by a bull, and struck by a moving vehicle all fit the same category. Until now.  Glory-OSKY!!! No pain! None. Zero. Zilch!!!  How is this possible? Magic potion? Some kind of elixir from outer space? Nope. IT'S JAKE COLLINS...Take a bow!!!"


"I have only had two root canals in my lifetime and this last one with Dr. Collins was far superior to the first one many years ago.  It was worth the drive from Georgetown to Austin."


"Root canals have not always been high on my list but this time with Dr. Collins, I was most pleased to watch my movie and let him finish my root canal.  In fact, he finished before I got to see the end of my movie!"


"Dr. Collins is amazing. There was only the tiniest bit of discomfort in the area of the tooth after the anesthetic wore off. And then it went away. I was amazed at how painless the whole experience was. Thank you so much!!!"


"My care has been top notch and everyone has been very helpful.  Thank you."


"Very satisfied with my experience with Dr Collins and his staff.  Would recommend for sure."


"Professional, informative and caring. Relieved my fears and anxiety during my first appointment and continued during this second appointment. Thanks."


"Would recommend to friends and family."


"Loved seeing the pictures of the procedure and having a better understanding of what Dr. Collins did."


"The procedure was a cakewalk (both times), and I really enjoyed the movie. No pain at all anytime. Good job!"


"Thank you again for seeing me so quickly. I'm already pain-free and not having any sensitivity. I just wanted to send a quick and sincere thank-you to you, Nelta, and Carly for being the best endodontic office on the planet. Y'all rock, and while I do love seeing you, I hope I don't need to come back *too* soon! :)"


"A first class operation. Without the positive attitude, confidence and re-assurance from Dr. Collins, I may have postponed this procedure for another 15 yrs. and continued to hide my smile. So happy and pleased with the results, not to mention the friendly environment provided by both Dr. Collins and staff."


"Very pleased with the level of service provided. Staff was friendly and Dr. Collins is fantastic at his job. Would definitely recommend to family and friends."


"I always feel very welcome. I felt no pain at all. 🙂 Big Hero movie and Doctor Collins explanatory steps during the procedure help a lot. Oh, and the place smells like Vanilla cookies!"


"Dr. Collins you did an awesome job. I feel great again!  Thank you."


"I had a very good impression.  Staff and dentist were very friendly and caring.  I love watching the movie while my teeth were being worked on and I got to finish the movie on the last visit. I have no complaints or issues.  I had not had a good experience going to the dentist, so my visit here was very comfortable and caring."


"Prompt communication with patient and professional before-after report never seen in other dentist offices."


"Just like the first treatment of my root canal, I was very impressed and I would recommend Dr. Collins' office to friends and family!  They are very patient and very careful!"


"Am really very satisfied with the work you did, very professional on all sides."


"Loved the professionalism and the personal touch.  Will recommend Collins Endodontics to both family and friends."


"Very pleased with all aspects of my visit. Would highly recommend Dr. Collins to friends and family."


"Thanks again to you and your staff for everything! Best experience ever! "


"I put my trust in Dr. Collins 3 times now, and he has not let me down. I loved the hot neck wrap and hot towel. It is the little things that make it more tolerable."


"Thanks. Everyone was very friendly and professional.  Not a fun experience but I knew I was in good hands.  I would recommend others to Dr. Collins."


"Very well run practice, clean establishment. Professional nurse and doctor. Very pleasurable experience and I greatly appreciate Dr. Collins expertise and care."


"Just wanted to say... Thank you! I've never had a better experience at the mouth doctor!"


"I want to thank everyone in the office, especially Dr. Collins for the excellent experience. I will recommend you and the way you run your office gives me hope for health care in America."


"Great patient experience.  Impressed with state of art dental/endo practice. Great explanation of what procedure was done. Plus the view of Austin Hills was perfect!"


"This is ''as good as it gets'' so far as dental visits are concerned.  Dr Collins is competent, patient and very thorough not just in treatment but also explaining everything as he proceeds.  The state-of-the-art setup is most impressive, complemented by the best view I've had from a dentist's chair.  The office is modern yet soothing and the staff friendly and efficient.  I would recommend Dr Collins to anyone seeking endodontic care."


"I've moved around the country several times and have dealt with numerous dentists. I was highly impressed by Dr. Collins' capabilities, approach, demeanor, and results. He will be strongly recommended to anyone I encounter who needs endodontic treatment."


"Dr. Collins was very professional and informative during the procedure.  I would definitely recommend him."


"You did a great job all around.  Effective treatment, pain free, good movie, reasonable cost."


"Dr. Jake was very great with what he does that I fell asleep while he was doing the procedure! I was supposed to be watching the movie but I was very at ease and comfortable I ended up taking a nap. Thank you so much. Nelta is very precise with assisting Dr. Jake. It helped a lot that she sets the mood right.  Carly takes care of the administrative side and very welcoming. She is very patient with explaining the insurance and payment options."


"Wonderful office and kind people all around. Can't say I'd get another root canal just to come back, but it was by far the best medical care I've ever had."


"Treatment was timely and as comfortable as it could possibly be.  Outcome was excellent. I was expecting some lingering post-op pain and experienced very little, and that for only a short duration immediately following the procedure."


"My dentist referred me to you and told me I would like you and your staff.  I have told so many friends about your caring, professional demeanor.  Your detailed explanations, calm manner and interactions with your assistant (she is also awesome!) and others was outstanding!  Thank you very much."


"Thank you for your excellent work on my root canal! I truly had been preparing myself to accept that I needed to have the tooth extracted. I am elated that I will no longer have to!  I will definitely recommend your services and leave you a positive review on Yelp (which is how I decided on Collins Endodontics)."


"Great experience! Thanks!"


"I have been to plenty of dentists and a few endodontists and I have never truly been impressed until now. Dr. Collins and his staff are very professional and kind. I will not need to search for another office. All I ask is you don't move away. Thank you all for your amazing service."


"I have anxiety about dental procedures based on painful, rushed, and judgmental experiences in the past, especially as an adolescent. I respond well to thorough information and especially to very competent doctors who use a more minimalist approach to care and can adapt to my specific needs. Dr. Collins is both the most thoughtful and professional dentist I've seen. I would feel totally confident in returning to him for treatment."


"On time, very nice staff, great use of technology.  The final report and pictures were amazing. Thanks."


"Very pleased with all of the staff.  From the time I walked in all to time I left. the Patient Care Coordinator was very sweet & caring. Dentist friendly & was concern about my comfort.  Dr. Collins was excellent.  He took time to answer all my questions, explained what he would be doing and why.  Dr. Collins continued to ask if I was comfortable and pain free throughout the whole visit."


"Staff and Dr were amazing, extremely professional.  Dr. Collins was great at clearly explaining what was happening with my tooth and my options.  The bonus of having a movie for a distraction during the procedure was great.  In fact all my co-workers hoped that he was a regular dentist and not just for special procedures."


"I genuinely feel that you took the utmost care of me both prior to and during my treatment. I am looking forward to progressing with my further procedures under your care. Thank you Dr. Collins."


"I am one of those people who is super afraid of dentists. I was extremely freaked out when I learned that I had to get a root canal. Someone in my office recommended Dr. Collins, so I gave him a call to come in. Right away, I felt like I was in good hands! After completing the second part of treatment yesterday, I can say with confidence that a root canal is a near-painless procedure. Nelta and Dr. Collins compared a root canal to getting a basic filling, and that sounds about right. Takes longer and lots of little steps, but no scarier than just a basic filling. The extras at Dr. Collins' office made me feel even better during treatment: hot towel for my face, a movie to watch to keep my mind occupied, a blanket, and even a little warming pillow for my hands. We are talking Royal Treatment here! I would recommend Dr. Collins' office to anyone who needs a root canal."


"This was exceptional. Of the many dentists and endodontists I have seen over the years, Jake takes the cake!  He was the cleanest and most modern I have seen.  His office was spotless as was his procedure.  His method was all but painless but a needle is a needle.  I will be happy to recommend him and his staff."


"Loved my experience, and I will certainly be recommending you to everyone."


"Great experience.  I'd never had a root canal before, I expected the worse and it wasn't really that bad.  The service from all staff was great!"


"I am so impressed by Dr. Collins and his staff. Treatment was exceptional and competent. Every effort was made to explain details of the diagnosis and treatment, and to make me as comfortable as possible during the process. I do not enjoy having my teeth worked on at all, but I can actually say this was an enjoyable experience all things considered! Thank you for the excellent patient care."


"I was very impressed with your office, staff, and your work."


"Dr Collins has always been very careful to explain what he is about to do, show pictures of what was going on. He is very careful (patient is comfortable) and explanations a lay person is able to understand.  Staff is very nice and know their business.  This is my 3rd root canal with Dr. Collins and his office, and if another is necessary I would return without concerns."


"Very pleased with the service and care. Very little soreness next day no Tylenol or Advil needed. Very happy!"


"Dr Collins and his staff stand above the rest because they cater to each and every person on a very professional level yet, with a touch of genuine compassion.  I left the office pain free and feeling GREAT!"


"I have received two root canals.  I felt so much more at ease when at Dr. Collins office.  It is the little things like Vaseline placed on my lips before, taking time to explain the procedure and the warm washcloth after that made my experience a good one."


"I wanted to let you know that I woke up today pain free and not a bit of swelling from my root canal. I feel great and am so thankful for your care. I was super nervous and you explained everything you were doing and put me at ease. Thank you, I will refer you to my friends."


"I was very pleased with the treatment I received both from the staff and the doctor. I will gladly recommend your practice."


"Dr. Collins and staff are amazing! The care they provide you is 5-star top-level. They took care of me with prompt and professional service and I immediately connected with each one of them. They were able to take care of my needs super fast."


"Dr. Collins was a breath of fresh air...meaning that he took the time to explain, describe and the ability to understand how the patient feels and will feel and along with his detailing of the procedure and expectations alleviated my stress allowing me to relax during the procedure...I am grateful for the referral from my dentist to Dr. Collins..."


"I am very glad I chose Collins Endodontics for my root canal. Your pricing is reasonable, and the procedure and follow up care were excellent."


"Thank you for your excellent care.  I was very happy with my experience from speaking with your front desk associates, to that with Dr. Collins and his assistant.  I was also very happy to receive such a thorough explanation of the procedure and what to expect after the surgery, in regards to pain, tooth care and further treatment necessary.  Thank you!"


"Thank you to all the staff and Dr. Collins for the wonderful care and professionalism I experienced during all my visits. I feel you listen to my concerns and do your absolute best to make the patient comfortable. Also I appreciate being informed about the cost up front and what is expected. There are no surprises. I will continue to recommend Collins Endodontics to my family and friends. Thank you again for everything!"


"Excellent in all respects."


"With all of my visits to Dr. Collins office, I have been very pleased. Information about all areas was thoroughly and professionally explained. My care and comfort were the doctor's upmost concern. I have always had trouble with the numbing process but I felt no discomfort during the procedure. I felt that everyone listened to my fears and concerns. Thank you."


"Treatment and care were very professional.  Great attention given to patient comfort; one of my best experiences with a serious dental procedure.  Dr. Collins is a top-notch professional and an excellent communicator throughout the procedure. Should the occasion arise, I shall highly recommend Collins Endodontics."


"Appreciate you being so thorough to get rid of the pain that the last root canal didn't stop. I wish my dentist had referred me to you first.  Probably would have saved me a lot of pain, time and money."


"Huge thanks to both Doctor & staff. Was expecting the worse but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as what I thought it was going to be. Thanks for an awesome job!"


 "Dr. Collins and the whole staff was outstanding!! Very informative, professional, and personable at the same time.  They made my first root canal experience a breeze! Thanks!"


"Great experience and I will definitely return!"


"In my 40+ years of treating my teeth, this was the best pain-free experience I have ever had...  I came in with a very painful root canal, I was diagnosed rapidly and treated immediately -meaning I was in and out within 2 hours. After the treatment I didn't have any pain at all - not even in the anesthesia injection area and was happily eating within the next few hours as though the pain had never been there.  I highly recommend Collins Endodontics for a pain free and customer focused caring experience."


"I had an exceptional experience being treated by Dr. Collins.  The root canal retreatment procedure was painless- I actually fell asleep during the procedure. The office is spotless and the staff are very friendly and helpful."


"Very professional.  Dr. Collins did a great job explaining the procedure and my options."


"Thanks Dr. Collins for being so caring and informative. Especially since I had OTHER issues to deal with than the root canal. I will definitely refer you to my friends."


"My experience was as comfortable as could be under the circumstances. Very impressed with the office, technology, and caring doctor & staff."


"I'm satisfied and impressed with the level of technology used, as well as the follow up photos and report."


"Best experience one could have getting a root canal!"


"I really have to hand it to you guys.  I've never been more impressed with a dentist/doctor.  You and your staff were super courteous, polite, and a pleasure to be around.  You explained the procedure to me in a way that I really appreciated and gave me the utmost confidence in you.  Thank you again."


"Before seeing Dr. Collins, my tooth was treated and has been problematic. All prior treatment was followed by pain, sometimes severe.  Right now, after seeing Dr. Collins, I have no pain in this tooth.  My experience with Dr. Collins was exceptional.  Both he and his assistant were very professional and calm, which is important to me.  The whole treatment was very gentle with little to no discomfort.  After my experience with Dr. Collins, all endodontic work I need will be done in his office instead of by my dentist."


"I hope I don't have to have another procedure, but would come back if needed.  Very nice people!"


"Dr. Collins did a fantastic job explaining both his actions and the procedural results in great detail. His staff was very courteous and careful, the experience was very good and his office was quiet and calming. I would highly recommend Dr. Collins and his staff to anyone who needed endodontic treatment done. For a traditionally ''painful'' procedure, it was relaxed, and Dr. Collins did a fantastic job."


"I experienced absolutely no pain associated with the procedure...  It was the most comfortable dental work I have ever experienced.  Thank you."


"I really appreciate seeing me on such short notice for a long procedure."


"I felt that I was well informed, well cared for, and in competent hands.  Couldn't ask for more than that."


"The most appreciated aspect of my treatment was the transparency.  Every action was paired with a brief explanation, so I didn't have to speculate and was never surprised by anything you were doing.  Great work and thank you!"


"I was impressed with the technology and the time taken by the dentist himself to explain what was being done, rather than just having the attendant explain things. I would definitely return for future root canals."


"A truly wonderful experience.  I could not offer any suggestions as to improvements."


"I am very pleased with the staff and procedures performed. Thank you for the professionalism and being able to make me feel very comfortable with every visit!"


"Fabulous! I loved everything about the care I was given."


"I thank Dr. Collins for the great service and treatment I received by him and his staff at his office.  It was a great experience.  I will recommend Dr. Collins if anyone is in need of a great Root Canal Dental Specialist."


"Collins Endodontics is run very smoothly. Terri is a superb patient-care coordinator. She goes above and beyond my expectations. Dr. Collins is excellent at what he does, and it shows with his careful explanations of everything. He gives you all of your options out front, and answers all of my questions. I particularly like the pre-op and post-op photos I received. Nelta, Dr. Collins assistant, is very caring. I appreciated how she rubbed my shoulder during the procedure and how careful and good she was at taking the x-rays. I have had some traumatic dentist appts. in the past and I have high anxiety about the dentist; Collins Endodontics made me feel as comfortable as possible while I was there, as well as helped me to regain confidence in dentists. Thanks, guys!"


"I am very impressed by the care and service your team provided.  Thank you so much!"


"Amazing doctor and staff. Very helpful, courteous and professional. They explained everything to me including costs, what they do during the course of the treatment, etc ..."


"I had not had a root canal and really appreciated the pre-procedure overview and explanation.  Explanation of the billing was great.  No complaints at all and will highly recommend to friends and my dentist to continue referrals."


"I had ZERO pain after, I took Advil for 3 days because Dr. Collins advised it for inflammation but I did not need it for pain.  I had ZERO pain immediately following the procedure and would recommend Dr. Collins to EVERYONE 🙂 Thank YOU!"


"Dr. Collins and your staff are wonderful!  I appreciate you taking the time to explain the procedures and billing.   Everyone treated me great!  Thank you.  I am telling everyone about your great care.  You think of everything that a patient needs."


"As much as one doesn't want a root canal, it was not nearly as bad as I imagined it might be. After the 1st treatment, I eventually had everything squared up (my bite etc). Yesterday was the 2nd half...not that painful after and I am hopeful it will all square up quickly. Thanks so much."


"I was doubtful and was very concerned about the pain of the procedure but with a gentle calming tone Doctor Collins assured me I was in good hands.  I have had this procedure done before with horrible results so I was skeptical.   Wow, has my opinion changed.. Great job by all."


"Dr. Collins, Terri, and Nelta were outstanding."


"I advise all of my friends to fall asleep with bubble gum and Dr. Pepper in their mouth, just to experience the kind of care that Collins & company provide.

Absolutely professional in every regard.

The entire process was actually painless, and I'm a guy who knows a thing or two about exaggerating pain.  Believe me when I say that I like to milk visits to the doctor for all it's worth.  In this case, I've got nothing.  Snake Eyes. Pain free.

I hope I never have to see your offices again, but if I do, I'll know that it's a painless and easy process.

Your team is the best!"


"I was blown away at how easy and virtually painless the process was...I hope to never need another root canal, but now know it's not something to dread."


"Very good, appointment was on time. On the website it was easy to register. All of my questions were answered in English, not dental jargon. I liked the pictures of the procedure steps, I never has a dentist given me those before.  The third party in the waiting room was taken care of during my treatment. My claim was filed electronically over the computer.  Overall, I was very satisfied."


"Although root canals are never fun, the procedure went smoothly and Dr. Collins did a great job of explaining what was going to happen and next steps. The process was handled smoothly, professionally and competently. I would recommend Dr. Collins to others for care."


"Wonderful environment.....extremely diligent and careful regarding my tooth and keeping me informed during my visits."


"Terry and Nelta were great.  I would recommend this office to anyone needing a root canal.  Dr. Collins was on time, professional, gentle and just great."


"As I mentioned before... I am not a big fan of dentists.  Thanks for making my experience as good as it could get!"


"Very happy with Dr. Collins. He is very knowledgeable...which is really comforting when you are in pain! I feel like he really cares about his patients, and does everything he can to make you feel comfortable and confident with his work. Thanks for everything!"


"Absolutely top-notch!  I would highly recommend Dr. Collins to anyone needing specialized dental care.  Excellent staff and facilities.  I really liked the explanations and discussion of not only the different options that were available, but exactly what was done.  I have to admit, I am very impressed!"


"I appreciate the time and pictures used to give me a very good explanation of what was done.  Thanks.  Thanks, too, for taking the time to give me an evaluation of the other tooth area that was giving me pain."


"Great job!!  Very pleased!!  Thank you Dr. Collins, Nelta and Terri."


"I was very satisfied with my treatment, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Collins, Nelta and Terri.  I will definitely let my dentist know how pleased I am with the whole experience."


"I am happy to have found a practice that I won't mind returning to."


"You guys are great....discussion prior to procedure and subsequent was excellent.  I really felt comfortable during the entire process."


"I appreciate the way that fees were discussed before my procedure. Too many times in the past I have been "surprised" with a bill after my treatment and it makes patients feel very uncomfortable. I didn't experience that at all. The staff really goes out of their way to make people like me-who tend to be afraid of dentist-feel very comfortable. Everyone was very friendly as well."


"I sincerely appreciated Dr. Collins' sensitivity to my dentistry fears and his incomparable attention to detail.  I have never visited a more patient and kind provider, and I can't thank you guys enough for taking such wonderful care of me!"


"My treatment and care were excellent. I very much liked your "paperless" system and the movie glasses."


"I had always heard about the horrific "Root Canal" - but I discovered that due to the medical magic of Dr. Collins, a root canal was nothing to be feared!"


"My very fearful idea of what a root canal would entail was completely shattered with the patience and knowledge Dr. Collins provided. While I certainly don't *want* to go through it again, I will be calling Dr. Collins when I *need* to. A big shout out to Terri and Nelta, too, for offering such great care and making me feel like I was their only patient."


"My experience was excellent."


"I was very satisfied with having my root canal done at Dr. Collins' office.  Everyone was very professional, it was super clean and hi-tech.  The root canal experience was so much better than I ever imagined and I will recommend Dr. Collins to anyone who needs to have one done.  Thanks so much!"


"Dr. Collins and his staff were excellent! The procedure and results were painless. I teach communication and Dr. Collins gave thoughtful and complete explanations. I would very highly recommend Dr. Collins. His staff was excellent and friendly. I am totally pleased!"


"Dr. Collins and his staff are extremely professional not to mention 'very efficient.' Dr Collins is on 'point' with all procedures, he explains everything to you, he is EXCEPTIONAL and offers a 'spa' like environment! He and his staff put as much effort into making you feel at ease as his precise skill in root canal therapy. HE IS THE BEST! I highly recommend Dr Collins!!!"


"I was exceptionally satisfied with my treatment, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about your staff.  I will definitely use you in the future if the need arises."


"It was such a great experience that I actually felt guilty missing work! Thank you!"


"This was my best visit to the dentist. Your staff is very caring and did everything possible to make me comfortable. I really appreciated you explaining everything to me in a way I could understand."


"Very professional and up to date. Highly recommend Dr. Collins and his staff for this kind of dental procedure."


"Dr. Collins and his staff took very good care of me and answered all of my questions. Under the circumstances and being new to the area I could not have selected a better Doctor to have this difficult procedure done. His staff was very understanding and accommodating."


"Thank you for your professionalism and attention to making me comfortable during my recent procedure.  Everyone was extremely pleasant, competent, and caring.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate you making me feel so relaxed in what can be a very anxiety-provoking situation.  I had almost no pain, and I feel so much better now.  I also enjoyed the extra touches like the movie, blanket, and warm neck rest!  Thank you all so much!"


"Thank you all so much for making my recent "retreat" as enjoyable as possible.  The extra caring touch you provide your patients really does make a difference!  Thank you!"


"I really had a good experience with Dr. Collins and his staff, however I was a little scared but they made me really comfortable. I was so comfortable that I even fell asleep for a short while.  I would recommend Dr. Collins to all my family and friends.  Thanks so much!"


"Dr. Collins and his team make you feel like part of the family.  He is extremely professional but he also puts you at ease.  Relaxation is a very important part of this experience because it can be long and stressful.  I felt very comfortable with Dr Collins and I felt that he was always doing his best to provide me with exceptional care."


 "Thank you for your superb work Monday afternoon.  I feel like a million bucks and will let my dentist know how well you all took care of me."


"I originally approached my root canal procedure with dread, but the experience was not so bad. Dr. Collins’ consultation with me provided a very clear explanation and answers to my questions about the procedure. I was very interested in the play-by-play description during the procedure. The only pain I had during the process was due to stress of keeping my mouth open for so long and the fact that my jaw was swollen from the infection. By the time I got home most of that pain had subsided. The staff was very caring and made me feel very comfortable.  I also appreciate the paperless nature of the office. I am so pleased that my dentist referred me to Dr. Collins and I plan to let him know how well my procedure went. Thank you for your care and concern.  I appreciated the follow-up call from Dr. Collins and the suggestion that I could call him on his cell phone."


"Having two root canals this week was a nearly painless experience. Thank you!"


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